Sensor Quick Start

Thank you for your recent purchase of one of our enDAQ sensors.  This article serves as a quick reference to get you started with your test and measurement efforts.

*Note: Slam Stick is now enDAQ

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  1. Plug in to charge - Connect the enDAQ sensor to a computer via the USB cable provided. It will typically take 2 to 4 hours for a full charge.
  2. Copy files to Computer - Copy Documentation, and Software folders to a directory on your computer. The Documentation folder contains the User Manual, Data Sheet, Quick Start Guide, and Calibration Certificate.
  3. Open software - Open the Lab executable file from the Software folder on your computer.  For more information on the Lab software, visit the Lab overview page.
  4. Set rates & triggers - Refer to the Configuration Overview article for a detailed parameters explanation. This also includes instructions and screen views.
  5. Mount to the surface - Refer to the Mounting Instructions article for a detailed explanation and CAD models.
  6. Press Button - Press the button to begin recording or to initiate the trigger sequence. Regardless of configuration, the button must be pressed to “arm” the device. 
  7. Plug in to view data - Following completion, the data recorded by enDAQ sensor can be downloaded and viewed using either of our software options: Lab or Analyzer. Visit the Lab overview page and the Analyzer overview page for more information.

LED Status

More discussion on LED status is available in the LED Status Indication article.  The table is included here for convenience.

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