enDAQ Lab: Configuring W-Series

Video 4: Configuring W-Series

Here we will show you how to configure your W-series to the Cloud. 

First have your device connected to power and your computer and select configure device.

The first time you configure it, you will see this box appear. It will first show "Enable WIFI" not checked, which means it is operating like a regular S-series device and only saving data locally. If you would like to use WIFI please select this box.

Then disconnect your device from power and plug it back in.

Wait a moment and you will notice the device blinks red, green and blue as it does a WIFI scan.

Now you can configure your device. You will see a new tab appear "WIFI." First lets go through the general tab.

Add you tags (device #, name of test). Check off your preferences, 

Upload recording to cloud after finish - If WIFI is connected 

Delete from storage after upload- So you do not run out of storage on the device. If an upload fails, it will keep the upload under a sub-directory called "failed."

WIFI module on and connected- This will improve upload time.

In the "WIFI" tab it shows you the networks that the device has scanned and shown that are available. This is so you do not select a network that the device doesn't know of. Select your network, put in your password and click "Apply WIFI Changes" and it will connect. Now you are ready to beginning pairing your device to the Cloud and uploading files.

 If you have questions on which device is right for you and your application contact us or book a demo with one of our engineers.

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