enDAQ Cloud: Connecting to Cloud

Video 5: Connecting to Cloud

Here we will connect our enDAQ W8 Sensor to our Cloud account. Click on "Link A Sensor." 

Make sure to have your device plugged into power and WIFI is turned on. Enter your serial number on your W8 sensor (just enter numerical portion of the serial number with no leading 0's or letters). Then click "Find A Sensor." 

Linking mode will appear. 

Your device will blink red then green. This is how your device will link to the Cloud. Hold down the button for 5 seconds. 

Once you see this screen you are now connected to the Cloud!

Once connected you can click on "Manage Sensors" and choose which sensors files you would like to view. Now you can start uploading data!

If you have any questions, contact us or book a demo with one of our engineers.

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