Enclosure & Mechanical Specifications

Many customers will look to design custom mounting hardware to interface with their system and our recorders.  In this article, we'll provide the CAD models to assist and highlight various features and materials to be aware of.

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Major dimensions are shown in inches with millimeters in brackets.

S2 Enclosure

S3 Enclosure

S4 Enclosure

S5 Enclosure

CAD 3D Models

The CAD models include the internal components and their locations if interested. They are available in .STEP and .IGES file formats to help you design custom mounting accessories in SolidWorks or similar 3D modeling software. Please click the link to download the model and design it into your system!




We recognize that most environments our recorders are used in are harsh and therefore we only source the highest quality materials for our enclosures.  

The S3's enclosure is made of an injection-molded polycarbonate/ABS blend called Bayblend T85 XF.  The material datasheet is attached.

The S2, S4, and S5 enclosures are milled Aluminum 7075 with a T6 temper and an anodized coating. A material properties datasheet of this is available here.

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