Update Firmware

We periodically provide firmware updates that;

  • Enable new features
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Fix customer issues

We have separate update processes for our current, and legacy devices. Our current devices include most devices produced since November 2019, except for the S3-D16 and S3-D200.

To be sure what type of device you have, go to the configuration screen and check the Firmware Version in the Recorder Info tab. Our current devices have a 3 digit version (#.#.#), legacy devices have a single digit Firmware Version.

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Current Firmware Update Process

Download: Latest-Firmware_2-01-07 (433 KB zip) 

Update Firmware Process:

The latest firmware download will contain the following three files to update the firmware.

  • update.pkg
  • update.pkg.sig

Step 1. First place the update.pkg and update.pkg.sig in the device's SYSTEM directory.

Step 2. Then copy the COMMAND file into the SYSTEM \ DEV folder.  You will need to overwrite the file already located there.

At this time the device will disconnect from USB, LEDs will blink for a few moments, then the device will reappear and the firmware will be updated!

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