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The world of test and measurement is vast, there are a lot of product and software options available, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. To help you in your research, this article provides an overview of what makes our products unique and also offers a snapshot of our customer base that have benefited from our products.

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enDAQ's Values

Our products, software, and services combine convenience with quality with an emphasis to always be helping you, our customers. Often these elements are mutually exclusive, yet when combined they can provide incredible efficiency to the end-user. Our mission is to help you understand how the world moves.


Our products are designed to save you time and go anywhere. This requires an intuitive design in both the hardware and software, and they need to be rugged to endure the harsh environments typical for many test and measurement applications. With a simple push of a button, these products begin acquiring data with minimal setup required. Our software is also freely available and becoming an open-source to enable more customization and access to your data.

We also extend this convenience to our website and ordering process by hosting an online / e-commerce store with publically listed pricing and products that ship out quickly after placing an order. We also provide a lot of content that is readily available and not gated behind unnecessary forms.


All our products are designed and assembled in the United States and we use the highest quality embedded components and especially sensors we can find. This results in not only a well-made system but a system that is capable of acquiring a lot of data and data that is accurate and meaningful. Our products have the fastest sample rate available for embedded recorders with the highest number of sensors. Instead of recording just event summary information (such as peak levels), we record the entire data-trace to allow for thorough analysis. We also calibrate every unit to ensure accuracy before shipping the product.


We are building a customer service and sales team that is dedicated to helping you understand how the world moves. This helpfulness extends to others who may not even be customers or potential customers with the content we provide and our responses to inquiries. In addition to our team, we aim to develop our products with the understanding that you will be using them to achieve some end design or quality goal - we want to help you in that process! We recognize that we aren't the end goal, we are the way to help you get there. We also continue to make an investment in helpful content that is made available publically. Everything from these help docs to educational blogs and tutorials is all provided with the intent of helping users around the world better understand how the world moves! We also do not have sales commissions because we don't want to incentivize our sales and support people to think in the short term. We are committed to building long-term relationships with people around the world as we continually grow this test and measurement platform.

Reach out to us and put our helpfulness to the test!

Our Specs

Mission statements and values only go so far, most of you are engineers and you want to see the hard data! Here are some of our major differentiators over our competitors:

  • More data - Our competitors measure their storage capacity in millions of samples. We measure it in billions because we know that it provides a more in-depth and accurate representation of your test environment. Much of the reason we have so much storage available is because of the high sampling rates we offer, up to 20 kHz per channel.
  • More sensors - All our recorders include a host of common sensors such as temperature, pressure, humidity, light, and IMU. They all also include multiple accelerometers to provide a more dynamic measurement range. Here is more information on our sensor specifications.
  • Better sensors - We select the best-embedded sensors we can find to design into our recorders. Everyone else just uses the very low-cost variable capacitance MEMS accelerometers. We have piezoelectric and piezoresistive accelerometer options. Here is more information on our sensor specifications.
  • Custom configuration - Our firmware allows the user to change sample rates of sensors, enable/disable certain sensors, adjust filter frequencies, and utilize triggering to save storage, battery, and post-processing needs. Here are two articles on measurement settings and triggers.
  • Advanced software - We offer two free software packages to meet the variety of analysis needs of our customers. The Lab software excels at providing a quick overview of your test while the Analyzer enables deeper analysis options. Both export data to CSV to MATLAB for additional analysis. We are committed to continually improving these software packages and encourage you to download the free software along with some example recordings to try out.

Our Customers

Since the Slam Stick X line was launched in 2014, we have sold over 5,000 units to over 1,500 different customers. And we have experienced significant growth with year-over-year sales increases of 50% per year since 2014. As indicated by the graphic below, these customers span virtually every sector and company size. The US Navy is our largest customer representing about 10% of our sales; but after them, the next largest customer is less than 2% of sales. This broad range of customers spans between the largest companies in the world down to single-person consulting companies and everyone in between. Geographically, our sales are still dominated by the US which represents 70%; but we sell globally, and our international sales are continuing to grow.

Aerospace & Defense Transport & Shipping Electronic Hardware & Software Higher Education Health Care Industrial Energy
US Navy Amazon Google MIT Biogen Caterpillar Halliburton
Lockheed Martin Uber Apple California Insitute of Technology Thermo Fisher Saint-Gobain Exxon Mobil
Boeing Tesla Seagate Carnegia Mellon University AstraZeneca Palfinger Marine Schlumberger
NASA Ferrari Samsung ETH Zurich Alkermes Siemens BP
Space X Queensland Rail iRobot Georgia Institue of Technology Amgen GE Total
Micro Drones
Biomechanics Analysis
Perrone Robotics
Nanyang Technological University
Saudia Arabia
Kitty Hawk
Silent Sensors
Martin Company
Delphinus Medical
Suburban Bolt
Radial Drilling

Typical Application & User

The typical application is generally one of five overarching areas:

  • Evaluate Environment - Understand the environment to better develop a product/system intended to operate in that environment. This represents 35% of our customer base.
  • Qualification Testing - Tests to establish the reliability of a developed product/system in a given environment. These tests need to prove it is operationally viable to both internal stakeholders as well as future and current customers. This represents 25% of our customer base.
  • Condition Monitoring - Monitoring a system in semi-real time to detect failures or predict them before they occur. Surprisingly this is representing 25% of our customer base as well, they have to manually download/check the data periodically.
  • Failure Analysis - When a system has failed or is repeatedly failing, these tests look to identify the cause. This represents 10% of our current customer base.
  • Shipment Monitoring - In this test, the intent is to ensure the product/system did not experience an environment it isn't intended for and if so, understand when that occurred and exactly what happened.  This represents 5% of our current customer base.

The typical customer is a mechanical engineer with moderate testing experience (50% of customers). But because our products and software are so easy to use and convenient, 25% of our customers are less technical with limited to no test and measurement experience. And due to the high functionality and performance characteristics of our products, the remaining 25% of our customers are highly technical and identify themselves as test and measurement experts.

Check out our community forum to get a sense of the different applications and types of users that utilize our products to meet their testing needs.

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