enDAQ Overview

enDAQ data loggers combine embedded sensors, signal conditioning, data acquisition, and power into one handheld device which begins recording with the simple push of a button.

*Note Slam Stick is now enDAQ

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The following section provides links to user guides on the enDAQ sensor, which is then followed by another list of common questions.

Slam Stick - User Guides

Common Questions

How many sensors are in a Slam Stick and how accurate are they?

There are typically 2 triaxial accelerometers, 2 temperature, 2 pressure, humidity, light, and orientation (gyroscope or quaternions) - there are a lot of sensors!  More information on the specific sensors (including the actual part number of the sensor) is available in our  sensor specifications article

How long does the battery last?

This depends on the sample rates used, triggering conditions, age of the battery, and temperature.  Our  battery specifications article provides more details and includes a calculator to estimate battery life depending on settings applied.

How do I select the right Slam Stick for my application?

There are 22 variants of enDAQ sensors so it can definitely be difficult to select the right one for you and your application!  Our article on  enDAQ Product Selection goes into more detail, but picking the right enDAQ sensor requires some estimation of what the environment is you're trying to measure.  If you don't have a good idea, don't hesitate to reach out - but typically our enDAQ - 100g model is the most popular and versatile for general purpose testing.

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