Enabling Plugins

On top of the built-in features enDAQ Lab provides out of the box, it also supports various plugin modules for expanding its functionalities. There are standard plugins available and we can develop custom ones to meet your specific needs as well. This page will get you started with adding plugins into your enDAQ Lab application.

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Enabling Plugins

enDAQ Lab loads all plugins from a specific folder location; in order to use any plugins, Lab must first create this folder. To do so, open Tools Show Plug-ins Directory:

The Lab will then prompt you as to whether you want this folder to be automatically created. Click Yes:

After clicking Yes, a file explorer window opened to the plugin directory will pop up.

Installing Plugins

To install a plugin into the Lab environment, simply move the plugin file into the plugins folder that you created in the last step. After closing and restarting enDAQ Lab, the new plugin will be accessible via the Tools menu:

Available Plugins

enDAQ Lab currently supports the Summarizer plugin, which ships packaged together from enDAQ Lab version 2.1 and later. For the most recent version visit the download page

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