VibrationData Toolbox Overview

The VibrationData Toolbox is the MATLAB-compiled Signal Analysis & Structural Dynamics Package by Tom Irvine.  To install the toolbox, download the toolbox from the main site.  The toolbox is packed with analysis functionality and can import any data file, not just those generated by enDAQ sensors.

The following section provides links to user guides on the software, which is then followed by another list of common questions.

VibrationData Toolbox - User Guides

Common Questions

How do I download and install the software?

The enDAQ Analyzer is completely free, all that is required is to complete a simple form that will ask for your email address and your test experience.  Here is the link to download.  Once downloaded, the software requires some installation which includes the MATLAB runtime.  More information is available in this user guide.

Why does it take so long to initially open?

The first time running the application on a computer (or after restarting the computer) you will experience an agonizingly long wait after initially starting.  There will be a splash screen that appears to warn you that there will be a delay but please keep in mind that it can take several minutes to open the first dialog box.  After the first time running the application, the computer caches certain information to make this much faster.  We looked into speeding up this process but it is unfortunately outside our control because it is a MATLAB compiled program.

Are there any example files?

Yes!  Included in the download are some example files both provided by Tom and some from our enDAQ sensors.  We also have new data shared in our community forum frequently from the over 7,000 sensors we've sold. In our community forum, posts tagged with IDE include raw data that can be easily downloaded to help get a feel for not only the software but the devices capable of generating these recordings. Here's the link to the community forum's posts tagged with IDE.

What type of support do you provide?

Because most of the code was developed by Tom Irvine it is hard for us to provide too much support on the underlying analysis functionality and theory behind it.  Our software team built the import tool and compiled the toolbox so if you are having issues with installation or importing data we would be happy to help.  Anything beyond that though will have to be handled by going to the community forum or online search in general.  Tom does cover the analysis theory in a lot of his webinars and in his handbook he published with us.

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