Analyzer How-To Videos

The following video series provides an overview of the Analyzer software which is written in MATLAB and leverages the MATLAB runtime.

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Video 1: Installation

Because it leverages the MATLAB runtime, it needs an installation.  The installation process is detailed in the video and in this article

Video 2: Converting IDE Data to MATLAB

This video shows how to convert IDE data files to a MATLAB format. More information is available in this article.

Video 3: Analysis and Filtering

This video shows some ways to analyze data once loaded into the Analyzer software.  More information on analysis is available here, and more information on filtering is also available.

Video 4: Exporting Data and Images

This video shows how to export your data to CSV (Excel readable) or MAT.  You can also save plot images in a variety of formats.  More is available in this article.

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