Exporting Plots and Data Out of the Analyzer

The Analyzer software can export any data that is displayed in the plot window to either CSV or a simple MAT file.

For enDAQ Lab Software:
Click the following link for instructions on how to Export & Convert Data Out of enDAQ Lab

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Video Walk through

Below is a quick video which walks through the process of exporting data and plot images.

Export a Plot Image

A plot or figure image can be saved to a variety of formats for use in reports.

.fig MATLAB® FIG-file (invalid for Simulink block diagrams)
.svg SVG (scalable vector graphics)
.jpg JPEG image
.png Portable Network Graphics
.eps EPS Level 3 Black and White
.pdf Portable Document Format
.bmp Windows® bitmap
.emf Enhanced metafile
.pbm Portable bitmap
.pcx Paintbrush 24-bit
.pgm Portable Graymap
.ppm Portable Pixmap
.tif TIFF image, compressed

Export Channel Data

After selecting the channel and subchannel and applying any vibration analysis, click “Export” at the bottom of the window.

  • This will bring up a dialog box. Select your desired folder, give the file a name while keeping the already set *.csv extension or select *.mat from the "Save as type" dropdown, and click “Save”. 
  • The saved .csv files can be opened with Excel, and the saved .mat files can be opened with MATLAB.

You may also apply a time filter when exporting the data. By default, the “Start Time” and “End Time” inputs are both 0, meaning the entire file is being exported. Type the time to be sampled in these input boxes, and then export again afterwards.

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