Although we have an e-commerce website with publicly listed pricing, quotes are typically requested because they are expected and because many companies require internal purchase orders and approvals.  This article provides details on how to generate formal PDF quotes and also includes more information on our pricing strategy.

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Request a Quote

Many customers require a formal quote for their company’s purchasing department to approve the order. To request a quote please go through the checkout process as you normally would. This includes adding the appropriate items you want to be quoted to your cart in the correct quantities you’re interested in. Then provide your shipping address and shipping method. On the payment method page select “Generate Quote” and provide the appropriate billing address. Complete the order when finalized and you will receive an email confirmation with a link to the PDF quote. Our terms and conditions are listed online.

A PDF quote can also be generated directly through the website if needed for your purchasing department as shown in the following video.  The example quote generated in the video is available here.


In an attempt to provide a greater level of transparency, all pricing is available on our  website through an e-commerce platform (they are also noted in a table below with a more extensive table available here in Excel). The use of an e-commerce site allows users to purchase our products via credit card without requiring a quote or waiting for our approval. More details on how to order can be found here.


We offer quantity based discounts for every Slam Stick model, detailed in the table above. When buying separate models (for example, two of the Slam Stick C and three of the Slam Stick X) the discount for the total quantity (5) will be applied.  For standard units (not including an 8GB upgrade) the discount is 10% at quantity 2, 15% at quantity 5, and 20% at quantity 10 or more.

We do not offer discounts to distributors, non-profits, students, sales representatives, etc., other than the previously specified volume pricing. However, we do not restrict the resale price of our units.