Ordering can be a hassle, we've attempted to make it as easy as possible for you to pay for and track your order.

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Mide is committed to making it simple and efficient for our customers to order our products.  No RFQs (all pricing is listed right there on the website), no complicated forms to fill out, just place an order like you would through any e-commerce store. Mide accepts payment via credit card, bank transfers, and purchase orders (for orders over $4,000 and with approved credit).

Credit Cards

Our website accepts credit card orders through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. All orders are compliant with the Payment Card Industry ( PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). We can split orders up if needed to be under your company's credit card limit.

Purchase Orders

We generally only accept purchase orders for orders over $5,000. Please contact us if you need to pay via a purchase order. We do require you to complete a credit application.  Some customers may need Mide's W9 to set us up as an approved supplier in their system.

Bank Transfers

Midé accepts wire transfers for both domestic and international customers. The  domestic wire instructions are here, and the International wire instructions are available here. Please reply to your order confirmation when you have transferred the funds so our shipping department can look for the transfer to be finalized in our bank account. We get a large number of transfers so it's important to let us know when the transfers are made for each order. Midé will not ship any product until we have confirmed that the appropriate funds have been received by our bank.

Note that international bank transfers can't go directly to Midé's bank account, it needs to be routed through JP Morgan Chase. Therefore it is important to enter all the bank information for your international transfer. You may need to contact your bank directly because not all standard bank transfer forms include all the necessary fields (receiving bank information, beneficiary bank information, and Midé's account number). Please also ensure to account for currency conversion rates when transferring from an international bank account.


There will be no sales tax charged unless your company is based in Massachusetts. If so, there will be a 6.25% tax applied at checkout.

Samples & Discounts

A common question we receive is if a customer can have a trial unit to borrow or evaluate before purchasing. We understand the reasoning and we considered offering this service but ultimately decided against it due to logistical issues it presented.  We do offer full refunds if/when the product does not meet your expectations or work for your application, assuming the unit is not damaged.

We also will swap out units for different measurement ranges if/when discovered a different unit is needed after initial purchase.  For example, if you purchase a 100g unit and realize that you need a 500g unit we will change that out for you at no cost.  If unsure of the measurement range, we do encourage customers to be conservative and select the larger measurement range. Our noise levels and resolution are generally small/fine enough for most applications even on the units with wide measurement ranges.

We offer quantity based discounts for every Slam Stick model. When buying separate models (for example, two of the Slam Stick C and three of the Slam Stick X) the discount for the total quantity (5) will be applied. For standard units (not including an 8GB upgrade) the discount is 10% at quantity 2, 15% at quantity 5, and 20% at quantity 10 or more.

In an attempt to provide a greater level of transparency, all pricing is available on our  website through an e-commerce platform (they are also noted in a table below with a more extensive table available here in Excel). The use of an e-commerce site allows users to purchase our products via credit card without requiring a quote or waiting for our approval.

We do not offer discounts to distributors, non-profits, students, sales representatives, etc., other than the previously specified volume pricing. However, we do not restrict the resale price of our units.


Domestic Shipping


We offer UPS ground shipping. The shipping cost is determined by the weight of your order and the destination. The following map shows the estimated shipping  time when selecting UPS ground:

UPS US Time in Transit Map


We offer the following services through FedEx: Express Saver, 2 Day, 2 Day Am, Standard Overnight, Priority Overnight, and First Overnight. The shipping cost is determined by the weight of your order, the level of FedEx service selected, and the destination.

International Shipping

We currently offer international shipping to all countries where UPS or FedEx service is available. Please note that all import duty and brokerage fees are the responsibility of the buyer.


We offer DHL Express which is often the most cost-effective payment option for international customers.  The shipping cost is determined by the weight of your order and the destination. If you selected DHL shipping, a shipping notification email, including tracking, will be sent at the end of our shipping day.


We offer the following shipping services through UPS (if available to your area): UPS Express, Saver, Standard, Worldwide Expedited, and Worldwide Express Plus. The shipping cost is determined by the weight of your order, the level of UPS service selected, and the destination. If you selected UPS shipping, a shipping notification email, including tracking, will be sent at the end of our shipping day.


We offer the following shipping services through FedEx (if available to your area): International Priority and International Economy. The shipping cost is determined by the weight of your order, the level of FedEx service selected, and the destination. If you selected FedEx shipping, a shipping notification email, including tracking, will be sent at the end of our shipping day.

Harmonized Tariff & NAICS Codes

The harmonized tariff code (HTC) for our Slam Stick products is 9031.80.8085. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for our Slam Stick products is 334519.

Shipping Address

Please note that we are limited to 35 characters per line of your shipping address.  Use this  simple HTML file to modify your shipping address appropriately to fit within the required 35 characters, otherwise, our fulfillment team will just cut off the end of the address line which may result in an invalid or unknown address.


If you would like to save time with your order by using a distributor that has our products in stock, and with whom you may already have an existing account for easy payment, we use two distributors.

Keep in mind that these distributors will have higher pricing than we do.  This is because they receive the same pricing that everyone else does on our website, and they sell for a higher price to meet their required margin.


When will your order ship?

We ship most orders within 1 or 2 business days if the product is in stock. We typically have about 5 units of each “base” variant in stock at all times. We do not stock the larger storage options instead, these are made to order. When a product is not in stock, the lead time is typically 5 business days.

How much will shipping cost?

The best way to determine your shipping costs is to place the desired products into our online shopping cart. Proceed through the screen where address information is entered. You can review various shipping options and costs before actually placing an order. We offer to ship via UPS, FedEx, and DHL. You will be able to choose your shipping method at checkout. Once your order has shipped you will receive tracking information. 

Can I use my own shipping account or service?

Some customers likely have their own FedEx or UPS account that they prefer to use for shipping.  We do not allow for billing one's own shipping account unless the order is being paid via a PO (which we only accept for orders over $4,000 and after running a credit check).  Please contact us for more information.