Discontinued Products

S2 Sensors Have Been Discontinued

Unfortunately, due to the microprocessor used by our S2 Sensors becoming discontinued, we are no longer able to provide enDAQ's S2 Sensors.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has created, and invite you to please reach out to our Customer Success Team. They will put you in contact with one of our enDAQ engineers who will be able to provide you with alternate enDAQ sensor options to help you with your shock, vibration and environmental data acquisition and analysis.

Contact: Customer Success

Old Part Numbers Mapped to New

Our old Slam Stick part numbers were long and confusing!  They have been replaced by part numbers that describe the product from the outside-in (as the customer sees it), not from the inside-out (as we had seen it).  Our product naming convention has also been dropped and replaced by more simple part numbers that will double as names, much in the same way as luxury car companies.

The new part numbers and names coincide with an updated design of the products which include a better secondary accelerometer, more storage, and advanced firmware capabilities.  Some of these new products that aren't available yet are designated in italics.

Old Number & Name Primary Accelerometer New Number & Name
Piezoresistive W8-R500D40, S5-R2000D40
Piezoelectric W8-R500D40, S5-E2000D40
Slam Stick C (LOG-0003) Digital Capacitive S3-D16, S3-D40, S4-D40, S5-D40
Slam Stick X Polycarbonate (LOG-0002-PC) Piezoelectric S3-E25D40, S3-E100D40,
Slam Stick X Aluminum (LOG-0002-AL) Piezoelectric S4-E25D40, S4-E100D40,
S4-E2000D40, S5-E25D40,
S5-E100D40, S5-E2000D40
Slam Stick S (LOG-0004) Piezoresistive S4-R500D40, S4-R2000D40,
S5-R500D40, S5-R2000D40

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