Adding Tags & Generating Alerts in the Cloud

Tags can be added in the cloud in 3 ways currently. These tags can be useful to help sort and filter your data, but they can also be used to generate email alerts for uploaded files that have that tag.

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Tutorial Video

This video provides an example of adding tags in configuration as well as going through what the automatically uploaded tags mean and how they can be used.

Automatic Tags from Processed Metrics

These tags are added automatically by the processing script when files are uploaded, either manually or wirelessly directly from

Acceleration Peak Values

Tag Name

Acceleration Peak Range

Acceleration Severity: Very Low <= 0.5 g
Acceleration Severity: Low Between 0.5 and 2g
Acceleration Severity: Medium Between 2 and 8g
Acceleration Severity: High Greater than 8g

Velocity RMS Values

Tag Name

Velocity RMS Range

Vibration Severity: Very Low <= 1.25 mm/s
Vibration Severity: Low Between 1.25 and 2.5 mm/s
Vibration Severity: Medium Between 2.5 and 5 mm/s
Vibration Severity: High Greater than 5 mm/s

Peak Pseudo Velocity Value

Tag Name

Peak Pseudo Velocity Range

Shock Severity: Very Low <= 635 mm/s
Shock Severity: Low Between 635 and 1270 mm/s
Shock Severity: Medium Between 1270 and 2540 mm/s
Shock Severity: High Greater than 2540 mm/s

GPS Speed Value

Tag Name

GPS Speed Range

GPS Speed: Zero Less than 1 km/h
GPS Speed: Low Between 1 and 50 km/h
GPS Speed: Medium Between 50 and 100 km/h
GPS Speed: High Greater than 100 km/h

Manually Added in Configuration

When configuring your device in the "General" tab, you can add tags separated by a comma that will be applied to all files recorded with that configuration. This information will exist within the IDE file and be parsed out by the cloud upon manual or wireless

Manually Added in Cloud

The final way to add tags is once you are in the cloud and manually selected the file or many files. Click the "Manage Tags" button to add or remove tags to these files.

A sid bar will open on the right where you can add other common tags, create a new tag, or remove tags. Remember to hit save!

Email Alerts

Email alerts can be accessed here: You can create new alerts, or for you existing alerts you can delete or edit them. The user has two inputs: the alert name (which will appear in the email subject line) and the tag that will trigger the alert. 

Once a new file is uploaded that contains that tag or is added that tag at the time of processing/upload - the account owner will receive an email with information about the file as shown below from 

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