enDAQ Cloud Platform Overview

Video 1: enDAQ Cloud Platform Overview

The enDAQ Cloud platform will help you access, share, and organize shock and vibration data.

Currently Under Development our new cloud platform will help our customers access, share, and organize their data among their team. This will also be developed in parallel to WiFi devices that can directly upload data to your cloud account to have access in real time. In the future we will add alerts, analysis capabilities, and dashboards to visualize the data over time and many different events/files.

Below shows your enDAQ Cloud dashboard. You can create a free account.

Once you have the dashboard open, you will need to link your sensor. Connect your sensor to power and WIFI network. Then enter the serial number on the sensor and press the button on your sensor.

Once the sensor is linked, your recordings will appear. It will analyze your recordings with many different metrics.

This full table view of files can be downloaded and shared.

Alerts can be set up, you can be notified via email when new files are uploaded.

If you need help choosing the right sensor for your application feel free to contact us or book a demo with one of our engineers.

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