Product Selection Overview

We recognize that we have a lot of product and software options that can be difficult to select from.  We also understand that you will be comparing our products, services, and software to competitors!  We've provided some articles to help you in these decisions, even providing outside links to all our (known) competitors. The following section provides links to user guides on selecting various product or software options, which is then followed by another list of common questions.

Product Selection - User Guides

Common Questions

I don't know anything about my environment, which product is right for me?

One of the quandaries many of our customers find themselves in is that they know very little about their test environment.  And this is precisely why they are looking to use one of our products.  But the trouble is that selecting the right sensor ( discussed here) depends on the type of data you are looking to measure!  Thankfully many of our products contain several accelerometers and other sensors so some of the decision-making processes can be applied in post-processing recorded data.  In general, we recommend our 100g Slam Stick X product to users that are unsure of the environment because it is the most versatile for general shock and vibration testing.  Please reach out to ask us directly what we think though, and be sure to check out the community and see if there are similar applications and what device they used.

A common application is drop testing and there is a great article by Endevco (PCB has a similar article) on predicting acceleration levels that include the following equation where:

  • a is the acceleration range
  • E is the spring modulus of the impacted material
  • A is the area of impact
  • g is the acceleration constant (9.81 m/s2)
  • d1 is the drop height
  • h is the amount compressed of the impacted material
  • m is the mass of the falling object

You don't have what I need now, will you ever?

Yes!  We invest heavily right back into R&D for future features and products.  We have big plans for this product line to help people better understand how the world moves! Check out the  article on our roadmap that shares our development path. If you don't see us developing something you have planned, let us know, and/or post that in the community to have others rally around that feature/product suggestion to move that up our priority list! 

Why should I go with your products?

We are committed to developing products that combine convenience with quality and delivered from helpful people and through helpful content.  For more on our differentiators visit our  article, why enDAQ? There are a lot of competitors in this market that we listed and discussed in this article to help you select the right product for your needs and application.  If it isn't us, that's okay - just keep us in mind next time because we are continually developing new features and products!

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